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Auto blogging for busy entrepreneurs with high standards.


10× Your Results, Not Your Content Work

Target 100s of keywords with dedicated articles in 1 click.

Quality Articles Without The AI Bullsh**t

We run 241 quality checks to remove AI BS, and up to 100 sites for every article.

Auto Publish
with Search Indexing

No copy-pasting. No blog post management.
Auto content delivery to your site with Search Console indexing.









Protects Your Content Investment

Our text bypasses AI detectors. And it does this while keeping the text high quality. Insures against possible future search engine penalties, and long-term value.

Tap on the gallery below to see it passing 6 of the strictest AI detectors.

Maximize Your SEO Success With Detailed Tutorials

Bad with tech? We got you. We made it easy with step-by-step video + text tutorials to guide you through every click.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's this used for?
This is a tool that lets you write 100s of blog posts in a few clicks to generate organic traffic for your business, so you don't have to do it manually, or settle for a low-quality AI SEO tool.
Who's this made for?
Wraith's mainly built to serve entrepreneurs with high standards that don't want to:

Use a low-quality AI SEO tool and risk ruining their reputation.

Write blogs manually.

Hire someone expensive to do SEO.

Another AI writer? How's this different?

Unlike other AI SEOs, we:

Bypass AI content detectors

Do external research

Internal + external linking

Tons of data-driven SEO best-practices in every article.

Superior quality articles, while being generally more affordable.

All automated so you don't have to lift a finger.

Oh, and also the chat support on the bottom right goes to the founder's phone directly. Customer support isn't outsourced and hidden behind a large company, and you'll be taken care of.

Will unused credits go away?
Nah, we don't believe in that predatory behavior. Unused credits get moved over to the next month. You paid for it, so you should get to use it.

As long as you don't cancel (which triggers a database deletion of your account's data for security reasons), your credits will never disappear. If you want to cancel, we advise you to use up all your credits first as not to waste any.
Who owns the content?

You do! Anything you write with Wraith Scribe, is yours.

Does this use real-time data?

Yes. Every article resesarches up to 100 sites (prioritizing diversity amongst the sites), and we feed all that data to an AI, so every article written is extremely well-informed.

Can I change my plan after I signup?

Yes. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. But it won't take into effect until your current billing period's over. If you want it to be more instant, just contact us on the chat window on the bottom right, and we'll swap it over for you.

Are your subscriptions backed by a money-back guarantee?

Only our pay-per article option is backed by a money-back guarantee, for up to 10 articles. We urge you to try that out first! If you like it, feel free to upgrade. If you hate it, feel free to ping us for a refund (within 60 days of your original purchase)! While subscriptions aren't free, the pay-per-article option still provides you with a 100% risk free way to try us out!

What kind of content can your AI generate?
Any long form content in any niche you can think of, as long as it doesn't violate our TOS.

For articles that can be written with knowledge you can find on the web, you can just give it a keyword and let it do its thing. For more specific posts that require proprietary information not found online, you should give Wraith a longer description and we'll do the rest.

Refer to our docs on how to get the most flexibility out of Wraith.
What limitations do you have?
We do not allow for violative content, as outlined in our Terms Of Service.
Do I need to worry about plagiarism?
No. We've done extensive research and implementation on how to write in a unique way that will avoid plagiarism and bypass AI detectors. Check out our sister software here for more info.
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