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Wraith Scribe vs Popular Content Generators

Wraith Scribe's the best long-form content generator out there. Others don't even come close.
See a video comparison here.

Wraith Scribe Jasper ChatGPT
Cheaper than Fiverr
Article in 1 click
Repetitive content
Very short articles
Semantic keyword suggestions
Automatic images
Pick article length
Simplify highlighted text
Sprinkle in targeted keywords
Paraphrase highlighted text
Expand highlighted text
AI-detector evasion
Generic, low-effort AI templates.

Making Great Blog Posts Shouldn't Take Hours...

...That's why we made Wraith Scribe, the AI tool that writes entire blog posts for you with just one click.

Need to make edits? Use our AI editing suite for easy editing.
Read on and watch how easy this is.

1a. One Click

Let our AI write for you, so you don't have to! Just give it a title and a keyword to focus on. The AI will create an SEO-optimized blog post for you in just one click.

Unlike others, you can choose your article length here so you can avoid comically short blog posts that require starting over.

1b. No Ideas Needed

Have an SEO keyword you want to optimize for, but don't have a topic idea? We've got your back.

Get blog post ideas in seconds with our content pitcher. Never feel stuck again.

2. Effortless Editing

Use our AI-powered editor to paraphrase large sections of text, expand on ideas, fix grammar, and make other large edits effortlessly.

Get a polished blog post in minutes instead of hours.

3. SEO Optimized, Fast

Get the best keywords to use and know often to use them. No extra cost. Just follow the data-driven suggestions and watch your traffic increase. More traffic = more money for your business.

Don't want to manually add keywords in? Easy. Add keywords to your blog post in 1 click.

4. Get Images Fast

Easily add images with drag-and-drop. Built-in image search in our editor lets you make visually appealing articles without needing to open another tab. Easily search and swap royalty-free images in just 2 clicks.

Simply The Best

With AI-detector evasion, article-length control, and an AI-powered editing suite, Wraith Scribe's simply the best long-form content generator / editor in the market. Save time generating content so you can focus on growing your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the content?

You do!

What is this used for?

This is a tool that writes high quality articles in 1 click, so you don't have to. Its primary purposes are to:

- Let you quickly test SEO-optimized articles for traffic without having to spend hours writing stuff that nobody might read.

- Help entrepreneurs minimize existential risk by helping them diversify traffic sources away from ad platforms.

- Eliminate writer's bloc forever. Just feed the AI a keyword and it'll come up with a topic and write an SEO-optimized article for you.

- Grow your business without having to pay for expensive ads, or having to spam your website on blogs / forums to manually drive traffic.

- Save time for businesses like yours so you can reinvest that time attacking higher ROI activities to generate more enterprise value.

What kind of content can your AI generate?

Wraith Scribe is designed to be used for evergreen, long-form content. So whether your niche is in finances, health, or most anything you can think of, Wraith Scribe should be able to help you save 100s if not 1000s of work-hours. There are some limitations with this language model AIs, which is addressed in the next question.

What limitations does Wraith Scribe and other language models have?

This AI (and other language models) cannot write anything that isn't evergreen (i.e. writing about recent events). This is because the model is trained on internet data up until a certain point and has no concept of recent events. Thus, you shouldn't use our product if you're trying to generate news for recent events.

In addition, certain types of content are disallowed as indicated by our terms and conditions.
Give it a read or, if you're unsure if Wraith Scribe is a good match for your niche, just message us on the bottom-right of this screen and we'll let you know!

Are unused credits rolled over to the next month?

It used to be -- but there was a lot of issues / exploits where one can get an infinite amount of credits. So I had to back out of credit rollovers for now. But it will be back.

Do I need to worry about repeat content or accidental plagiarism?

No. The AI decides at random what words it will output for a given topic. Thus, it is close to impossible for an AI to generate an identical long-form article word for word, as every single randomly picked word must match.

Why choose you over some other AI writing service?

Most other AI writing services are designed to generate short-form content (e.g. social media, ads, etc).
Other AIs allow you to write a blog in 1 click, but the content is often low quality so you're left to edit a low-quality article.
Wraith Scribe is designed to generate high-quality long-form content, and we're the only AI writing service with an extensive AI-powered editing suite so you can refine large portions of your articles in seconds.

In sum, all other AI services let you do only 1 of the following:
1. Generate content with AI
2. Edit content with AI
Seeing as how both writing and editing are crucial elements of creating articles, Wraith Scribe does both. And it does either one better than our competitors.

Finally, we work closely with bloggers and freelance writers to continually improve upon our features. This means the longer you use our services, the better it gets.

Will AI take over content creators?

No. AI-generated content will always need some editing by humans, as each person's preference is different. This is created to augment writers in the following way:
Content creators' earnings per hour is calculated as (revenue / hours worked). We seek to minimize hours worked so to significantly increase earnings per hour.

Reclaim Your Time.

Make Content Painless Today

Save Time
Save hours with each click as AI writes entire articles for you.
SEO Included
Alt text included with images + data-driven semantic keyword suggestor.
Rapid Editing
Only AI article generator in the market with an AI-assisted power text editor.
Monthly Yearly


Writing for fun

$ 19 /month
  •   4 articles/mo
  •   Equates to $4.75 per article
  •   Wordpress integration
  •   AI-powered editor
  •   Unlimited AI-powered edits
  •   Semantic keyword suggestions
  •   Target article length: 4000 words max
  •   Plagiarism-Free
  •   Write in seconds
  •   Content pitcher
  •   Royalty-free images
  •   Email backup
  •   Archive 20 articles
  •   Chat support


For bloggers / freelancers

$ 49 /month
  •   30 articles/mo
  •   Equates to $1.63 per article
  •   Wordpress integration
  •   AI-powered editor
  •   Unlimited AI-powered edits
  •   Semantic keyword suggestions
  •   Target article length: 4000 words max
  •   Plagiarism-Free
  •   Write in seconds
  •   Content pitcher
  •   Royalty-free images
  •   Email backup
  •   Archive unlimited articles
  •   Chat support

AI-mazing 60-Day Guarantee

If you're not happy, we're not happy. If for ANY reason you're not satisfied with our product we'll give a full refund within your first 60 days of purchase.
As long as you've used less than 10 articles, simply contact us and let us know why you'd like to cancel and we'll give you a full refund.