This page is shows my thinking about new features. It's primary purpose is to encourage discussion so that if you feel I'm going in the wrong direction, simply DM me on the bottom right of this window! Your suggestions/opinions will help me greatly in creating new features that fit your specific needs!

Feb 1, 2023

Fixed another bug where if you pitch a title based on a keyword, and then have the AI write, it would create the article without redirecting you to the article page. This is fixed now.

Jan 31, 2023

Fixed a bug where larger articles taking more than 30 seconds crashes and never complete due to Heroku timing out. You should now be able to generate 1500+, 2500+ articles with no issue.

Fixed another bug where closing the window during article generation would take your credits, but not save the article.

Jan 23, 2023

Saw some emails of some articles failing to generate. Fixed some bugs to prevent AI output from crashing the server if it does some weird formatting. Sorry about that (this faster engine is still pretty new and I've only generated ~30 articles with it so I've had limited testing).
Hit me up if you see anything else, thanks! :)

Jan 21, 2023 [Major updates]

Here are the new updates. Important highlights in BOLD.

Finally, a ridiculous update:

Wraith Scribe generates articles with AI-detection evasion built-in. The following is written by ChatGPT and gets detected by AI detectors:

AI detection

Compare this to the raw text that Wraith Scribe now generates:

AI detection

Upon doing 3x2500 word articles for the content mill, all 3 is detected as 100% human text without any editing.

Persona AI's claim is that it is 93-95% accurate. On the low end, at 90% accuracy, 3 articles that are 100% human text means that there is a .1% chance Wraith Scribe is generating human text purely by luck. Likewise, at the high-end at 95% accuracy, there's only a .0125% chance Wraith Scribe's generating human text by luck.

Jan 4, 2023 [Major update]

Upgraded editor to new version. Only applicable to new articles created after this update.

Dec 22, 2022

Did an experiment with Wraith Scribe where I try to use this AI to do freelance writing for me. It is now in the 'bonus docs' tab. See which platforms I use to make $160/hr and which platforms to avoid.

Nov 30, 2022

Added these things:

Fixed these things:

Nov 21, 2022

Fixed CSRF token bug.

In addition, added a button to turn bullet points into a paragraph. I had some feedback while stress-testing this from clients that I have 'too many bullet points.' So now, when you use our editor, you can just highlight a list of bullet points, click the de-bullet button, and it'll turn your list of bullets into a long paragraph. If the length isn't long enough for your liking, just click it a few more times to find a length that's suitable to your liking.

Nov 18, 2022

I've merged the 'write by title' and 'write by keyword' pages into one page. Previously, you can only write with an H1 / blog title OR write with an SEO keyword.

But now, you can write with:

I've also added length options for the article. You can choose between 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 words. This is nice because you can choose the length of the article you want to write. If you're a freelance writer, you may have some clients that want longer or shorter articles. In the future, different lengths will cost a different amount of tokens. But right now, they cost all the same. The 500 words will cost about half what it costs now, and the 1000 words will cost the same, 1500 will be about 1.5X and 2000 words will be about double.

Nov 2, 2022

I've added a new feature where writing a post with keywords will automatically do the following for you:

The recommendation's aren't absolute and you're free to delete the secondary keywords while editing it on our editor. For example, some keywords that might show up a lot might not be relevant to the specific thing you're trying to write about. Example: You're selling a baby playpen but it suggests "portable baby playpen." Your product may not be portable, so you might not want to expend the effort optimizing for that keyword.

The intent of this is to give you enough semantic keyword and SEO ammo so you don't have to pay a bunch of money for individual, separate services just to get your on-page SEO right.

Sept 14, 2022

Added redundancy check. If the AI generates outputs that are extremely repetitive, it'll try again until it doesn't. So theoretically new articles generated should no longer be ultra-redundant. Please let me know if you run into something like this for your text still:

Some AI generated text.

Some AI generated text.

Some AI generated text.

Some AI generated text.

Some AI generated text.

Threshold for 'repetitiveness' is 5 trigrams (also prevents keyword stuffing). But let me know you feel the threshold should be lower. Also, if you let me know when the AI is still being redundant and I can give you credits back to make new articles while I fix any other scenarios I've missed. Thanks!

2nd update for the day. Fixed some 'poison text' that will prevent the article from rendering (i.e. special chars like ${}.).

Sept 13, 2022

Made some bug fixes to the AI-assisted editor. I've also decided that AI-assisted editing will be free for now. This is because I want to encourage users to use it and so I can catch more issues before charging for it. The +20% bonus credits each month will remain the same though and will be unaffected.


I'll be doing some bug fixes with AI generating strings that may crash things. And also working to fix issues where the AI just pumps out the same sentence again and again. And also working to fix issues where the AI just pumps out the same sentence again and again. And also working to fix issues where the AI just pumps out the same sentence again and again. And also working to fix issues where the AI just pumps out the same sentence again and again. And also working to fix issues where the AI just pumps out the same sentence again and again.

Sept 10, 2022

Added AI-assisted editing to our built-in editor. 2 options:

It's fairly straightforward. You highlight something and you click it. And the AI will take care of the rest. But for those visual learners, I've created a 2 video minute demo.

More Credits For Everyone!

Since these functions do cost a fair amount of compute, it can't be free unfortunately. But I understand that if you've got, say, 500 tokens, you might end up with 496 after an edit, which will disallow you from creating that last article. Thus, shortly after this update, I'll manually add 20% to all user's remaining credits. Additionally, all renewals will now come with an extra 20% credits. More specifically:

This means each article will have some buffer where you can spend 20 credits using AI-assisted editing, and you're still free to edit things manually if you want to save up credits.

Sept 1, 2022

Overhauled the AI system that generates the content. Now, the AI will target 1250+ words per article with high probability of success. It'll also penalize words previously seen in the article. This minimizes the probability that phrases/words will be repeated. This is good to minimize redunancy, but bad for sprinkling keywords across the article. So this is a delicate balance.

Actually Up Next...

I still plan to do the things I stated August 10th. But I realize that if you tune one parameter of the AI to optimize one aspect of an article, another parameter does more poorly. I'll continue to tune the AI model so that it's likely to generate a good article, in all respects. But even then, AI output is stochastic and results aren't guaranteed. You might run one run and it is spectacular and another run yields bizarre results.

So before I find a solution to this long-term problem, in the short-term I'll probably add AI-assisted editing in the built-in editor, along with short video tutorials that tell you what buttons to press in what situations. This way, the AI will seed a good article and instead of editing the article manually, you can just use AI to speed up the editing process.

Overhauling the AI system means that it will be more or less trivial later on to provide users options to adjust the target length of the output article. So be on the lookout for that as well!


AI has improved to give better results with higher probability. August 10th roadmap still in place, but postponed in lieu of higher-priority features, which is to speed up the process of making a good-quality article.

Aug 12, 2022

Quick update: to make things less unpredictable, all articles will cost 100 tokens. In the old system, the articles cost an average of about ~5000 tokens. So if you had "X" old tokens, you'll now have ceil("X"/5000 * 100) tokens.

Aug 10, 2022

Known Issues That I'll Fix Soon

Up Next...

AI is pretty slow to generate an article nowadays. It's basically a tradeoff between speed and accuracy. The faster the AI goes, the more likely there will need to be edits. I'll add a slider so the user can choose between a more quickly generated article (30 seconds) all the way up to the slowest option (90-180 seconds)

I think the token system is confusing. I'll overhaul it so that each article costs 100 credits so it's more clear.

More editor enhancements. First is an SEO helper that'll let you know how well the article is doing relative to the target keyword. If you know Yoast SEO, it'll be a version of that basially.