I Spent 3 Months On This Update, Hope You Like It

Better quality articles, faster, while much cheaper than before.

May 6, 2024

Excited to announce updates for Wraith Scribe, our AI driven article generation SaaS. It creates SEO-dominating content, but also keep your competitors up at night. We’ve innovated to create a truly magical experience with digital content creations. Let’s dig in to what’s new, and how you can use this to absolutely annihilate your content strategy!

Introduction of AI-Generated Images

In response to Google's Helpful Content Update (HCU), we've phased out stock images and introduced AI-generated visuals. Research shows that stock images, often reused across various sites, might negatively impact SEO rankings due to their ubiquity. Our AI now creates unique, engaging images that increase individuality in your content and maintain user engagement.

Enhanced Depth in Writing

Prior, Wraith could have a tendency to write many headings, but have very shallow content underneath each (like this post here). It now err towards more comprehensive articles as opposed to more shallow content.

Accelerated Content Generation

Our algorithms have been tuned to a point where average article generation time is now between 2.5-5 minutes instead of 5-7 minutes before. And we didn’t cut any corners quality-wise to make this happen either.

So basically, you get your content produced faster so you don't have to wait around as long.

Now Cheaper

Despite being both faster and better quality, we’ve lowered our prices significantly—saving you between 33%-42.5% monthly. And that's not even counting the ADDITIONAL 20% discount is available for users choosing the annual plan over the monthly subscription.

Human-Like Text Quality

Using our sister software Mochi Human Text, we’ve refined how our AI simulates the nuances of human writing. It performs exceptionally in evading AI detection algorithms, especially in formal tones. Informal content also sounds more natural and engaging nowadays. There are some unwanted side effects for the informal content, such as being way too informal / cursing, but that's being fixed currently.

Improved Research and Keyword Integration

Thanks to our new & improved processes, our articles are not just well-written, they are also accurately researched with our revamped automated research framework.

On top of that we’ve also improved how our AI uses keywords; instead of keyword-stuffing, the AI will combine semantically related words to be used with the main keyword. This reduces any keyword stuffing and increases the performance and safety of your SEO.

Streamlined User Interface

So we’ve redesigned our UX to be more intuitive. That means less bloat and fewer choices you won’t use. The platform is now easier than ever to navigate and operate. Plus, we’ve simplified our publishing workflow for WordPress and more, so you can manage your content effortlessly.

Preview: Batch Article Generation

And finally, I’m super excited to be able to build something many of you have asked for which is batch article generation feature. This means you can generate multiple articles at once, which will mean a MASSIVE productivity boost for your content creation! No more logging in and generating one article at a time.

The main limitations of batch article generation will be generally less control, since the main use case will just be to batch publish auto-gen'd articles. However, you can still go back and manually edit each one by one before publishing if you wish. More on this later.

New Pricing Model For Trials

Finally, instead of free trial I've decided to switch the pricing model to a paid trial, where you can try up to 10 articles at $2.8/article and get a full refund if you don't like it within 60 days. And, if you decide you like the paid trial and upgrade to a cheaper per-article plan, we'll refund you the difference of all the articles you've purchased in the past 60 days.


With this set of updates, content on Wraith Scribe isn’t just “good enough” to keep in touch with SEO and content creation trends.

It’s leading the pack.

Whether it’s more engaging photos, deeper content, faster output, more cost efficient, more human looking to read, or more streamlined operations, all these updates are designed to help you take control of your content strategy and allows you to consolidate your digital footprint.

Try Wraith Scribe now and see the difference for yourself.