Now With Auto Google Indexing, Amongst Other Minor Updates

Autoindexing, AI Image Model Update, Webhook Integrations, Wordpress Plugin Updates

July 4, 2024

Let's get right into it.


Search Console has been down for a long time.


And everyone's complaining about it.

But, it's nothing new that Search Console's unreliable.

What's worse is that Search Console is lazy. Instead of indexing new blog posts right away, you have to wait -- sometimes for months -- before new pages are indexed.

Automatic Google Indexing

So, to mitigate this you have to:

  1. Sign into search console
  2. Manually inspect the new page you just wrote
  3. Manually request priority indexing for your page

For every single blog post that you make.

This is annoying, and that's why we now have automatic Google Indexing. Simply attach your Search Console's Google account to one of your Wraith-connected accounts.

Then, every time Wraith publishes a new article for you, we'll automatically ask Google to index your new post.

One less thing to do if you're a busy entrepreneur.

Other Updates

Replicate AI

OpenAI's Dalle-3 has been unreliable and crashes a lot (causing article jobs to crash), so we've switched to replicate AI for now. The outputs seem to be better than Stability AI's, but worse than Dalle-3's.

Replicate's much more reliable, but these open source text-to-image models just aren't at a very high level for blog posts.

We will explore Azure servers in the future to see if we can have a more reliable Dalle-3 endpoint.

Webhook Integration

Prior, Wraith Scribe can only integrate with Wordpress. While this is pretty great because most blogs run on Wordpress, it is somewhat restrictive.

For example, this SaaS site (and most SaaS sites and non-blog sites) won't run on Wordpress.

To make Wraith accessible for any and all website, we've added a way for Wraith to send a webhook notification to your website whenever a writing job's complete. Connecting Wraith to your website is as simple as a quick DNS entry verification. All you'd need to do after that is to process that POST request and publish the article on your particular setup.

The downside is that you need to have some basic coding skills, or know how to ask Claude / Chat GPT it up for you.

Wordpress Plugin Updates

All articles give users the ability to scan main points by including a "Key Takeaways" section. However, the Table of Contents would include a pointer to this to every single article. This is OK, but Key Takeaways is part of the introduction, so I don't think it is necessary to pollute the TOC with Key Takeaways in every single article.

Now, TOCs generated will ignore the "Key Takeaways" section and only point your readers to the main meat of the article.

I've also updated the Wordpress Plugin to be able to make images native to your WP website. Prior, images were hosted in our S3 buckets for portability, but the URL would be something like:

Now, the plugin takes the extra step to download and have it be hosted natively on your site. So instead of a long URL for the bucket, it'll be something like

Keeping links internal may be cleaner for SEO. Additionally, your website owning the image seems best-practice since it would imply your website owns the AI image as your own property.

Coming Soon

We hope to:

  • Revert back to Dalle-3 with more reliable servers by exploring Azure and potentially other providers. If you nkow of any, email us at [email protected] and let us know!
  • Continually improve the webhook schema so it is easier to integrate. Again, let us know if there are certain things we can provide to you in our schema that will make it more convenient for you to integrate.
  • More integrations so it is easier for you to publish blog posts to any website.