New Affiliate Program

Love Wraith Scribe? Earn money while using it by promoting it!

July 3, 2023

Introducing Wraith Scribe’s all-new affiliate program - a turning point for tech-savvy influencers and affiliate marketers interested in the speculative niche of software applications. We have designed a bountiful affiliate program that not only generates consistent passive income but also reciprocates dedication with an exceptional payout rate.

Generous MRR

Traverse the path to continuous income with our exclusive offering - a glorious 40% Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Yes, you read it right! A substantial 40% MRR! Each successful reference you provide that materializes into a sale, rewards you with a 40% cut of the revenue, every month for the full customer lifecycle.

Yes, 40% is crazy but the reason why we're offering it is because we're new at this whole affiliate marketing thing. Promoters that join the program later will get a smaller MRR as we mature.

How about we lay it out with real-world numbers? Wraith Scribe offers three prime plans - $120/month, $375/month, and a premium $2000/month plan. If your referral opts for a $120 monthly plan, you earn $48 each month. Push forward a customer to our $375 plan, and you'll be pocketing $150 monthly! And let's say you manage to refer a customer to our elite $2000 per month plan – that's an enormous $800 going straight into your pocket on a monthly basis. The more customers you enlist, the more you earn- as quickly and as simple as that!

Just refer 10 users at the middle plan and you're doing $1500/mo, completely passive income.

Or only 10 elite customers and be earning $96K/year.

180-Day Cookies!

Wraith Scribe takes pride in structuring an affiliate program that genuinely accounts for the referral efforts of our partners. One of the keystone elements in our program is our generous 180-day cookie duration.

You might wonder why this is so important. Let's delve a bit deeper and compare this to the renowned e-commerce giant - Amazon. Amazon's affiliate program, while popular, offers a paltry 24-hour cookie window. This means that if your referred customer doesn't make a purchase within the first day of their visit, you will no longer receive any commission from their transactions. This restricted time limit considerably narrows down your earning opportunities.

On the other hand, our incredible 180-day cookie lifespan recognizes the fact that customers often need time to make decisions, especially when it comes to software subscriptions. With this extended window, even customers who are initially hesitant about making a purchase can take their time to gauge the software's suitability for their needs. Should they make a purchase within 180 days, you still get credited for the referral.

This isn't just about numbers; it's about respecting and valuing the effort that goes into each referral. Unlike Amazon's 1-day plan where the chances of losing out on a potential successful referral are high, our 180-day cookie policy ensures you receive the credit you deserve, even if the customer takes longer than usual to finalize the purchase.

In essence, our program puts your efforts first by providing a lengthy 6-month cookie window, providing you with ample opportunity to secure that well-deserved 40% Monthly Recurring Revenue. This generous feature, coupled with our robust plans and 'Net 30' payment system, significantly amplifies the earning potential of Wraith Scribe's affiliates - making our program a lucrative opportunity for those looking to earn significant revenue through their networks.

So, any potential lead you redirect to us who purchases within this period automatically counts as your referral – assuring you gain the credit you rightfully deserve.


Our affiliate program transcends the conventional 'pay and pray' framework, shifting to a 'Net 30' payment method. This ensures you receive your hard-earned affiliate spoils 30 days after the end of each month.

Evoke your marketing prowess, and kickstart your journey to a profitable partnership with us - a journey adorned with promising rewards and unwavering support. Sign up today for Wraith Scribe’s groundbreaking affiliate program – The earnings potential is limitless!