Compiled Updates Til March 25, 2023

Compiled Updates Til March 25

March 25, 2023

Mar 25, 2023

Fixed various bugs.

  • Made undo/redo a little more well-behaved (fewer redundants states saved).
  • Fixed wordpress publishing hotkey. Use ctrl+shift+2 to invoke wordpress publishing popup (previously it was ctrl + shift + w but seems like JS cannot prevent browser from closing all windows when this happens).
  • Fixed auto save to address various timing issues. It will now autosave after a slight delay after you finish typing some stuff or making some edits. Prior, it saves every few seconds and when you close the tab. This can cause some issues if you have multiple tabs open of the same article.

Also, added a save button so you can manually save your articles. Ctrl (or cmd if you're on a mac) + s now saves your article.

Mar 19, 2023

  • Added functionality to allow you to connect Wordpress accounts to your Wraith Scribe account. Passwords you send to us are encrypted and is thusly secure.
  • Added ability to publish newly generated article as a 'draft' or as a published post to WordPress.
  • Added button to editor to publish to Wordpress (as a draft or as a final post). This lets you make edits that you want to the article and then publish it.
  • More robust handling of OpenAI disconnections in the middle of article generation.

WP publishing is new and comes with its own quirks. Things like automatic meta descriptions, tags, automatic thumbnail, etc. will be added as time goes on.

Mar 11, 2023

  • Fixed a bug on multi-emails where turning off the feature would give you an empty email next time, instead of defaulting to your original one.
  • Enhanced AI-evasion to be more robust. Prior, blog posts generated evaded all AI-detection tools effectively, except for GPTZero (where it'd mostly end up in the 'Some parts are most likely written by AI' a lot). Now, it will generally end up in 'Your text is likely to be written entirely by a human'. This is not a huge deal for SEO / blog writers since Google has stated that they don't currently care, but this can be good for freelance writers where many platforms are claiming they will ban folks if they use AI. Also useful for future-proofing should Google change their stsance and you don't have to go back and redo all of your blog posts.

Mar 10, 2023

Support broadcasting your backup copy of blog post to multiple emails to increase ease of collaboration and automating flows with Zapier, mailparser, etc.

That said, I do plan to improve the blog post AI by a bit more by adding more SEO features to it. Once that's done, my plan is to allow for automated scheduling of posts to WordPress (and possibly so hopefully in the future you wouldn't have to do the integrations yourselves.

Feb 15, 2023

Added a new feature where instead of just a blog title, you can optionally put a long description for the blog post. This'll help inform the AI to generate more accurate keywords (if auto-keyword is turned on) and to include specific details you want included in the blog post.

Feb 9, 2023

Added a new feature where you can now leave the keyword field blank, and the AI will create / research keywords based on the blog title you give it. This is a new feature that I'm still testing out, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!

Also fixed a few bugs (thanks to the people who reported them!)

Feb 1, 2023

Fixed another bug where if you pitch a title based on a keyword, and then have the AI write, it would create the article without redirecting you to the article page. This is fixed now.

Jan 31, 2023

Fixed a bug where larger articles taking more than 30 seconds crashes and never complete due to Heroku timing out. You should now be able to generate 1500+, 2500+ articles with no issue.

Fixed another bug where closing the window during article generation would take your credits, but not save the article.

Jan 23, 2023

Saw some emails of some articles failing to generate. Fixed some bugs to prevent AI output from crashing the server if it does some weird formatting. Sorry about that (this faster engine is still pretty new and I've only generated ~30 articles with it so I've had limited testing).
Hit me up if you see anything else, thanks! :)

Jan 21, 2023 [Major updates]

Here are the new updates. Important highlights in BOLD.

  • Revamped the AI engine to be much less repetitive.
  • Made AI engine support 2500+ words (beta).
  • Made AI engine about 3-4X faster. Previously, it took about 3 minutes to make a 1000-word article, and longer for 1500+ words. Now, it takes about 1 minute to make a 2500+ word article (52 seconds last I did it).
  • Fixed various editor bugs listed here:
    1. If you highlight from right-to-left instead of left-to-right, the link creation / SEO keyword sprinkle tool would fail.
    2. If you delete a paragraph right before a heading, the heading gets converted to a paragraph.
    3. If you delete a heading right before a paragraph, the paragraph gets converted to a weird style.
  • I wrote 2500 words x 3 articles for a content mill and my eyes hurt after. So I enabled night mode in the editor. NOTE: if you want to copy/paste text with ctrl/cmd+c and paste it into somewhere else, turn it into light mode first before you copy paste (otherwise, the dark background and light text formatting will screw up your copy/paste).

Finally, a ridiculous update:

Wraith Scribe generates articles with AI-detection evasion built-in. The following is written by ChatGPT and gets detected by AI detectors:

Chat GPT Example

Compare this to the raw text that Wraith Scribe now generates:

WS Example

Upon doing 3x2500 word articles for the content mill, all 3 is detected as 100% human text without any editing.

Persona AI's claim is that it is 93-95% accurate. On the low end, at 90% accuracy, 3 articles that are 100% human text means that there is a .1% chance Wraith Scribe is generating human text purely by luck. Likewise, at the high-end at 95% accuracy, there's only a .0125% chance Wraith Scribe's generating human text by luck.