Batch Articles

You can now write tons of articles in just a few clicks.

June 17, 2024

You can now write a ton of articles, just with a list of keywords. Our product's always been more focus on depth, not breadth. That's why I spent 2 years working on how AI can generate the most in-depth and perfect article.

I finally think we are ready to leverage 2 years' of learnings and allow for users to do 100s of articles in just a few key strokes.


While using our AI to write 1 article at a time is much better than doing it manually, it is much slower than just using ChatGPT. Plus, if you trust our AI system enough to not edit an article, then there's no need to put you through the ringer for every single article you want to write, and force you to click a bunch of buttons just to create an article.

How it works

So, all you need to do nowadays is to:

  1. Do your keyword research as normal.
  2. Copy your keywords into a spreadsheet
  3. Highlight the column your keywords are in and copy it
  4. Go to our new batch article writer and paste in your keywords.
  5. Pick a Wordpress account you want these articles to publish to, and decide on how often you want our robot to automatically publish articles to your Wordpress.
  6. And you're done!

You can monitor your jobs here: once you've scheduled it. If jobs fail, you can retry, delete them, or let us know.

How you're charged

You're charged as soon as our AI starts writing the article for a particular job, and it is in progress. If for some reason, the job fails or crashes, the credit is refunded back to you immediately. If you delete a job that's yet to start for example, you won't be charged anything.


You might notice that the link is /semiauto instead of /auto. This is because there's still some legwork you have to do: keyword research. We hope to have a solution in the future where you can just give our AI some content pillars, and it will:

  1. Come up with an SEO content strategy for you
  2. Target endless keywords
  3. Write consistently and as frequently as you want