Small updates, UI bug fixes, Internal Linking Options

A quick brief on some bug fixes updates, new UI options.

June 20, 2023

More flexibility with internal links

Prior to this version of Wraith Scribe, whichever Wordpress you wanted to publish to (draft or live) is the source that the Wraith Scribe's engine will use as a source for its internal links.

Now, you can pick whichever connected site you want for internal linking. For example:

If you want to:

  • Publish to site A while using internal links from site A, or
  • Publish to site A while using internal links from site B (i.e. a post in site A pointing to site B to generate external links).
  • Don't publish at all, as you may want to edit, but still use internal links from site C.

You can do all of this now.

UI Bug fixes

Fixed a UI bug where if you published to site B prior, when you refresh the page, the dropdown still defaults to publishing to site A, causing users to have to manually switch it to site B.

Fixed a another UI bug where the display of how many hours saved with Wraith Scribe is calculated on-the-fly based on how many articles you currently have in your account. This is a bug because if an article's deleted, your "hours saved" gets shrunk.

Wordpress Syncing Fix

Fixed a bug where when Wraith Scribe syncs with your Wordpress, WS won't delete posts if your WordPress has deleted them. This can cause automatically generated internal links to point to a stale / already-deleted post.