How Wraith Scribe's SEO Works

Here's all the (current) optimizations we do in the background so that your generated articles have the best chance of attracting visitors on search engines

May 5, 2024

Search engine optimization is made to be a black art. Or at least gurus will try to make it this way. In fact, most SEO practices are well-documented and there's been a bunch of statistic studies to see which methods are 1) actually useful, which methods are 2) just myths, and which methods 3) actually harm your SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO for short) is just a set of practices that will help you rank better on search engines. This way, when potential customer searches for a keyword related to your business, it's more likely that you will show up as one of the top results (and thereby getting more traffic to your website).

What does Wraith Scribe Automate?

At Wraith Scribe, we try to automate everything 1) that's been proven to work, and 2) some common practices that make logical sense that it would work (but not real statistical analysis to disprove its efficacy yet). For category 2, we avoid blackhat and other techniques that will harm your SEO at all costs and heavily scrutinize features before adding them, if there is no statistical proof that it works.

In short, regardless of stats or not we try to add SEO-optimization features based on first principles, and not just what's "hype" in the market right now.

Without further ado, let's list out all the things we automate as of writing this article.

Automated Research + Content On Demand

With our technology, you can automatically do your background research and have it come out with the exact content that you’ll want to be made.

We use closest embeddings to make sure that the content is still relevant to what you want to rank for, ensuring that your results will show up higher.

As seen from data-driven studies by Eleven Writing, nothing has changed and relevancy is still the most important part of SEO. We take a different spin on this though: since relevancy is the most important thing to rank for in your articles, we make sure that the articles that gets generated is as close to what is being relevant to your audience as possible. This means we allow your generate articles to be as visible as possible and do as well as they can on SERPs.

Comprehensive Content = Higher Chances Of Great Ranking

Our AI makes sure the content is relevant, but equally as important, it makes the content very comprehensive as well. Studies like this one from Backlinko shows a very strong correlation between how comprehensive your content is and how high your content ranks in the search engine. Wraith Scribe wants to leave no stone unturned, and will answer all angles and every FAQ an visitor might have to your webpage. As a result, our content serves the highest value to your visitor and at the same time, tells Google explicitly that its very comprehensive (resulting in awesome SEO juice).

Strategic Use of Nofollow Links

Strategically, Wraith Scribe will nofollow all the outbound links in your content. This means that your own website’s “juice” won’t flow out to other website’s external links that you’d naturally have. Why is this a good thing? This is a good thing because PageRank (the algorithm that Google uses to determine how important a website is) works by giving voting “juice” to each link on your website. The more links you have on a page, the less each of your internal links pass juice. The more links you have going to several external domains, the less juice each of your links that goes to an external domain has. In other words, the more outbound links (non-nofollow links) you have on your site, the more your own website is diluting its own SEO juice to external websites. This is awesome because there’s no particular negative repercussions for using nofollow (despite ongoing controversies and discussions around nofollows in the SEO-sphere). With Wraith Scribe, you can maintain a healthy website all while giving references to a bunch of other websites without your site having to suffer from SEO dilution.

While this doesn't have a comprehensive study on whether or not this improves SEO, this makes sense from a 1st principles basis based on how PageRank works (i.e. an adjacency matrix representing how sites linked to each other are multiplied by a normalized vector over and over until it normalizes--nofollow modifies the adjacency matrix to preserve more value in your domain), there is also no study to say this is harmful.

WordPress URLs Are SEO-ed

The URL (also known as a “slug” in WordPress) matters a lot in SEO. Wraith Scribe will generate short, extremely targeted keywords for you so that you have a very high chance to rank in search. In fact, here’s an example study from Backlinko here where it’s clear and conclusive that shorter URLs rank better.

SEO-Optimized Introduction Section

The “intro” of any content is probably one of the most important parts not just for keeping your reader engaged, but also for SEO. Wraith Scribe does SEO-optimized introductions that can convey main takeaways of the content already, thereby loading up your content with a ton of value and wisdom on paragraph 1. A good intro will also boost your page’s overall SEO by letting both the reader and Google clearly know what their page is about and why it’s relevant from the first get-go, which increases the visibility and ranking of your content on Google. According to findings from Rank Math, having a good intro helps with “defining the main theme and relevance throughout the content”, serving both human customers and our robot overlords to quickly get value out of your page.

Inclusion of FAQ Sections

FAQ sections is one of the tools Wraith Scribe uses to drive higher engagement + SEO payoffs.

People have questions. Specific questions. And FAQ lets you answer them directly.

This engages people because, well, you’re answering their question! But it also helps your site take up more SERP real estate (owning feature snippets, or “People also ask” boxes).

Research, like the kind Purple Planet covers here shows how FAQ sections lets you optimize your page for better rankings / visibility.

Focus Keyphrases in Subheadings

Not only does Wraith Scribe use focus keyphrases, he also uses focus keyphrases in his subheadings to get extra SEO juice. Subheadings help to organize the content in a more digestable form for the reader, however, one powerful technique that most people overlook is that the subheadings are also how Google knows what your post is about. So, the focus keyphrases on these headings can signal to Google just what your post is about and can dramatically improve your ranking. An example of the latest and best practices for how to do a focus keyword the right way here, which we automate.

Semantic Keyword Integration

We also do a lot of behind-the-scenes work where Wraith Scribe does semantic keyword research to find what are the themes and topics closely related to your main keywords you’re trying to rank for. And the software is smart enough to sprinkle those keywords strategically within your content to show the search engines that this work actually goes deep and has a lot of context. This, in turn, will help your page ranking better primarily because if your work has a lot of depth, you’ll have better alignment with user intent.

All this to say, we automate semantic keywords so your page can really pop for the relevant search queries.

Non-stock Royalty-Free Images

Wraith Scribe used to do regular royalty-free stock images. This is good because there are no copyright issues with these. The main problem with using too many stock images is that there's been some evidence that it can negatively impact your rankings. We hypothesize because these images are used everywhere on the internet that search engines may take these images as simply spam or something uninsightful. To work around this issue while maintaining no copyright issues, each article automatically generates a 100% AI images. This allows for:

  • Some eye candy for your readers so they can engage for a little bit longer on your article
  • Mitigates any "helpful content" updates that de-ranks pages with stock photos
  • More opportunities to sneak in keywords / semantic keyphrases in the alt-text

Humanizing AI-Generated Content

So for the hypothetical day in the future where Google changes an algorithm and decides to start penalizing AI content … Wraith Scribe goes the extra mile to make sure its AI outputs are more human. So, yes. It’s AI writing the content. But the content is polished to the point that it’s indistinguishable to be human writing. You won’t be able to tell if it’s AI or not. This longevity and security for your rankings is key because SEO changes and search engines can change their mind on what AI content looks like any time.

Why this matters

So not only will this combination of tactics lift your site’s SEO visibility, but it secures it so that your site’s search visibility is resilient against any search engine algorithm or policy changes. By automating all of the above, we hope to provide our customers with a upward (and more importantly, stable) upward trajectory in traffic and leads.